Mountain Lion Cougar Mask
Mountain Lion Cougar Mask
Mountain Lion Cougar Mask

Mountain Lion Cougar Mask

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Our Mountain Lion Cougar Mask is Fun, Light, and Durable.  All our masks are made in the USA and handcrafted by our team in Fort Worth Texas.  They are adjustable to any size from toddler to adult and made of durable, washable, foam rubber. They are light and airy and sit on your head and not stick to your face like traditional masks. 


  • They come completely assembled and ready to wear
  • Mouth Opens with the pull of a tab
  • Durable and washable by hand
  • Eco Friendly- We use recycled materials to make the foam whenever possible
  • Light and Airy- Sits on your head and doesn’t stick to your face
  • Adjustable to any size from Child to Adult
  • Made in the USA
  • Consumer Product Safety Tested for ages 3+

Perfect For  

Parties, Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, Sports Mascots, Tailgating, Cosplay, Roleplay, Men’s and Women’s Costume Masks, Halloween, Masquerade Parties, Child Pretend Play, Adults, College Parties, Fantasy Parties, Concerts, Theatrical Plays, and events and occasions of all kinds.


  • Shipping Turnaround is typically one business day